The Big Chill

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Big Chill

Story : A group of friends who attended the University of Michigan together in the 1960's convene for the funeral of one from their group, Alex, who committed suicide. The group, each now in their thirties, have kept in touch over the years, but have drifted somewhat apart as their respective lives changed. Their individual ideals have also changed from their socially conscious and radical days in college, to where they mostly now live outwardly comfortable and financially lucrative lives. With Alex's young and socially naive girlfriend, Chloe, added to the mix, the friends spend the weekend together at married couple Harold and Sarah's house in South Carolina following the funeral. Especially in light of Alex's suicide, the friends discuss their lives and collective relationships with each other, then and now.

Video Distributor : RCA Columbia

Year : 1984

Running time : 101 minutes

Actors : Glenn Close, Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Kline, Tom Berenger, William Hurt

Director : Lawrence Kasdan


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