Scream and Scream again

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scream and Scream again

Story : London Detective Superintendent Bellaver [Alfred Marks] also has his hands full with a series of killings that have been dubbed the "vampire murders." Girls are being found with their throats slashed, puncture wounds on their arms, and drained of blood. The first was Eileen Stevens, an employee of esteemed research scientist, Doctor Browning [Vincent Price], but Browning has no idea who would want to murder her. When another girl turns up dead and Bellaver realizes that they were both picked up at The Busted Pot (a disco club), policewoman Sylvia [Judy Huxtable] goes undercover (with a homing device planted in her shoe) to see if she can get picked up by the vampire. She is successful, and she and the vampire Keith [Michael Gothard] drive to a secluded field where he attempts to drink her blood. Keith is interrupted by the police but manages to best them all and get away. Fortunately, Sylvia's shoe is still in Keith's car, so the police tail him. Keith drives to a chalk quarry where the police are astounded to see him running up the almost sheer cliff face...until he slips and falls back down. Because he is only stunned, the police handcuff Keith to a car, but he tears off his hand and runs away...straight to Dr Browning's estate where he jumps into a vat of acid.

Video Distributor : RCA Columbia

Year : 1986

Running time : 95 minutes

Actors : Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Judy Huxtable

Director : Gordon Hessler


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