Mission Force

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mission Force

Aka : Mai nei dak gung dui

Story : Set at some point during the thirties or forties, Japan is at war with China. During an attack on the Chinese forces, the Japanese capture four Western Generals. Fearing that if this news were to reach their troops it would affect their morale greatly, the Chinese hire Captain Don Wen (Jimmy Wang Yu) to form a commando squad and get the Generals back in four days. Don decides to regroup his old squad (consisting of thief Old Sun [Sun Yeuh], escape artist Grease Lightning [Gou Ling Feng], con artist Billy [David Tao] and his ex-girlfriend Lily [Brigitte Lin], the bumbling and apparently unnamed General [Fong Ching] and his buddy Stone [Shiu Bu Lia]) one last time to get the Generals back. Don is apparently killed in an attack but the group continues on regardless, with the aid of ex-wrestler Sammy (Jackie Chan in a small role) and his former manager Emily (Chang Ling) who trail the group to make sure they stay alive, so they'll have a share of the reward. Towards the end, the previously comical film takes a bizzare turn and climaxes at a Japanese bunker where the group go kamakaze and fight off a small army in the hope that the last survivor will be able to claim the reward. But are the Japanese the only villians?

Video Distributor : Review ( Muntel)

Year : 1984

Running time : 90 minutes

Actors : Jacky Chan, Yu Wang , Brigitte Lin, Yueh Sun, David Tao

Director : Yen-ping Chu


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