Deadly Prey

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deadly Prey

Story : Colonel Hogan is a ruthless former military officer who trains a large group of former U.S. Servicement as mercenaries by having them hunt down and kill people they abduct off the streets of Los Angeles. Hogan's greedy financier Michaelson threatens Hogan to speed up the mens training or he will pull the plug on Hogan's training camp. However, Hogan and his men meet their match when their latest kidnap victim turns out to be a tough gung-ho marine named Mike Danton who despite being unarmed and hunted, he manages to decimate Hogan's men in detail. Frustrated Hogan, his tough right-hand man Thornton and personal assistant Sybil kidnap Danton's wife Jaimy to force him in the open, while Jaimy's retired police detective father tries to track down her and Danton who finds an unlikely ally in the form of a former marine buddy named Cooper who wants to help him take on all of Hogan's men.

Video Distributor : R.C.V. 2001

Year : 1987

Running time : 90 minutes

Actors : Cameron Mitchell, Troy Donahue, Ted Prior, Fritz Matthews, David Campbell

Director : David A. Prior

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