Hell's Heroes aka Eroi dell'inferno

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hell's Heroes

( Eroi dell'inferno)

Story : Witness the story of Sgt. Darkin as he battles red-tape and the Viet Cong. When Senator Morris takes a tour of Vietnam on a boat, he asks Sgt. Darkin his opinion on the war; he tells the Senator right out his feelings of disillusionment, meanwhile the boat banks at a village of the most Hispanic-looking-Vietnamese-people-ever. The villagers greet the Senator and his guards with flag-waving, but they quickly throw their flags down and hold up machine guns. As Sgt. Darkin attempts to open fire, an explosion sends him flying into the ocean. After 6 hours, he's washed ashore and reports to his commanding officer, who sends him to the brig for treason and going AWOL. In the brig Darkin makes friends with the nastiest cut-throats known to men, among them Feather played by Fred Williamson.

Video Distributor : RCA/Columbia

Year : 1990

Running Time : 90 minutes

Actors : Miles O'Keeffe, Fred Williamson, Chuck Connors

Director : Stelvio Massi


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