Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu

Aka : Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi

Story : Author: T1000-6 from Bendigo,Victoria wrote on IMDB
A fairly ridiculous martial arts movie.I don't know if you would even call it martial arts as the fighting consists of a lot of special effects eg-leaping up and clinging to a ceiling,but most of the fight scenes are just preposterous,like blades being shot out of someone's back,limbs being cut off and blades coming out of them and guys that can make explosions by just pointing at things.The dialogue is laughable,with lines like"You're really crappy!!"which sounds like a funny thing to say in ancient Japan.It is clearly meant to be a comedy with lots of Monkey Magic-esque gags,which fall completely flat.This could have been a great movie if it was treated more seriously,as the filmakers had some great costumes,sets and especially actors,but the end result is complete boredom

Video Distributor : Warner Home Video

Year : 1987

Running time : 105 minutes

Actors : Tiet Wo Chu, Sheng Fu, Hou Hsiao, Kara Hui

Director : Chia-Liang Liu


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