Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Story : Cruising is the fictional account of a series of gruesome killings in modern day New York City. Steve Burns, a "beat" officer still wet behind the ears, is recruited by Captain Edelson of the NYPD Homicide Unit to go undercover in search of the perpetrator. The victims in these killings are all homosexual men known to frequent "Leather," S&M (Sadism and Masochism), and B&D (Bondage and Dominance) clubs so Burns, in "deep cover," must mascarade as gay in order to attract the killer. He fits the victims' profiles: dark hair, dark complexion, dark eyes. Cruising tells the story of his adventures and misadventures in this small subculture of gay society as he searches for the killer.

Video distributor : CBS / Fox

Year : 1984

Running time : 99 minutes

Actors : Al Pacino; Paul Sorvino, Karen Allen

Director : William Friedkin


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