Mob Justice

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mob Justice

Aka : Dead and Alive : The Race for Gus Farace

Story : This is the fact-based story of Gus Farace, a wannabe mobster who kills an undercover federal DEA agent because he thinks he's a drug snitch. At the time the movie was filmed, it was the largest ever federal manhunt in U.S. history . In order for the feds to find him, they start harassing known mob associates of Farace to the point where their mob operations are being considerably hindered. The mob is afraid that if Farace is captured, he will give out secret information regarding certain members of the crime family. Therefore, the mob "puts out a contract" on Farace to have him killed before the feds get to him

Video Distributor : Columbia / Tristar

Year : 1992

Running time : 90 minutes

Actors : Tony Danza, Ted Levine, Dan Lauria, Frank Vincent, Joe Lisi, James Rebhorn, Caroline Aaron

Director : Peter Markle


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