Quiet Cool

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quiet Cool

Story : New York cop Joe Dylanne gets a call from his old flame Katy Greer, who lives in the wilderness of Babylon, California. Katey tells Joe that her brother Stephen Greer, his wife Rachel, and Stephen and Rachel's teenage son Joshua, are missing. Joe heads to Babylon, California to investigate, and discovers that Stephen and Rachel have been murdered by a group of marijuana growers who threw Joshua off of a cliff. But Joshua has survived the attack. A surveyor had lead corrupt local sheriff Mike Prior to the site of a marijuana patch, but when they got there, the surveyor was killed, and Joshua witnessed it. Joshua ran back to tell Stephen and Rachel what he saw, but the killers chased him. The killers killed Rachel and Stephen, then tossed Joshua off of the cliff. Joshua would like nothing more than to send the killers straight to hell. Joe crosses paths with Joshua in the wilderness, and they team up to battle the killers.

Video Distributor : RCA / Columbia

Year : 1988

Running time : 86 minutes

Actors : James Remar, Adam Coleman Howard, Daphne Ashbrook, Jared Martin

Director : Clay Borris


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