Rolls-Royce Baby

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rolls-Royce Baby

Story : Lina becomes over night with one film an international filmstar and from this moment on she earns much money as an actress and top-photomodell. She moves into a splendid villa and buys herself a Rolls Royce. For this she hires a vigorous 'gorilla' as driver. But she can't forget an occurrence in her youth. At that time she used to travel without money by hichhiking over all Europe and often payed her fare with 'love'. Once two truck-drivers throwed her nude on the highway at night. Now one day a from her picked up hichhiker turned out to be a female hichhiker. This time Lina dosn't throw her out, but takes her to the villa. First the 'love' by three is quite beautiful, but than it rouses the jealousy of the 'gorilla'....

Video Distributor : Video Plus

Year : 1983

Running time : 79 minutes

Actors : Lina Romay,Eric Falk,Ursula Maria Schaefer,Roman Huber


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