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( Honeybun)

Story : Author: Coventry wrote on IMDB

Honneponnetje is a completely meaningless, but very entertaining 80's comedy from the Netherlands. It's a light-hearted waste of time, made with a lot of enthusiasm and goodwill from both cast and crew. The unusual title refers to the star girl's name in the film. She's a sixteen-year-old cutie, stuck behind the walls of a very strict and prudish Catholic boarding school. She manages to get her hands on some erotic literature and she quickly becomes curious and intrigued by the act of lovemaking. So, our little sweetheart independently decides to escape the boarding school and hikes to a nearby city to find out the meaning of `love'. The entire comical premise of the film handles about the girl's innocence and naïveté. She doesn't understand the sexist and anti-feminist remarks men make about her looks and she willingly follows anyone who tries to abuse her youthful beauty. She even ends up on the set of a pornographic movie without knowing what's going on! Meanwhile, mother Superior worries about her institute's good reputation and spreads the word that Honneponnetje has been kidnapped. Like usual in this type of films, there's a forced happy ending and a happy happy joy joy moral attached to it. But, dropping all skepticism, Honneponnetje is good fun and sexy entertainment. Nada Van Nie, whose tender appearance really helps this film's credibility, plays the girl. Other than this film, she only starred (by my knowledge) in `Intensive Care'. A film that might as well can be referred to as the worst Dutch film ever. The Belgian class actor Herbert Flack has a delightful role as the adult film producer called `Apollo'.
Funniest scene: The young beauty sees her own breasts for the first time and looks amazed. In the boarding school, she was only allowed to wash herself while wearing a long, white virgin robe.

Video Distributor : Cannon

Year : 1988

Running time : 93 minutes

Actors : Nada Van Nie, Herbert Flack, Marc Hazewinkel, Nora Kretz

Director: Ruud Van Hemert

trailer uploaded by myself ( original Dutch spoken with introduction from lead actress nada van Nie )


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