Maagd in Moeilijkheden

Friday, September 25, 2009

Maagd in Moeilijkheden

(Hilfe, mich liebt eine Jungfrau )

Story : Author: veracious_lies wrote on IMDB

There is a playboy, who is also a duke. He has some debts, so he flees to the countryside to his grandmother's castle, companied by his servant. On the way he meets a girl called Amélie and the girl's chaperone, a foxy marquise. The same girl is engaged to him by the order of his father. He doesn't know this and the girl doesn't know he's her future husband. They fall in love during their stay at an inn. Then the police turns up to capture the duke (henceforth called Armand) and his servant. They both escape the police along with the girl and the marquise. Amélie doesn't trust Armand yet and she runs away with the marquise.
Then a whole load of things happen, the police are always running around chasing Armand & his servant, for some reason lots of women get naked, there's some dressing up as nuns and Indian people and Amelie sees Armand in bed with other women (but these times are always set-ups) and doesn't want to marry him anymore, but then he manages to change her mind... But there's a happy, romantic ending

Video Distributor : Movies Select Video

Year : 1989

Running time : 77 minutes

Actors : Gundolf Willer, Yvonne ten hoff, Veronique Vendell, Rudolf Schündler, Jacques Bézard

Director : Arthur Maria Rabenalt


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