Blue Belgium

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blue Belgium

Story : Author: An Depuydt from Leuven, Belgium wrote on IMDB
Starting with an image of the Atomium in Brussels, "Blue Belgium" intends to give the watcher a possible explanation for what went wrong in Belgium during the last two decades, going from the raids of the "gang of Nijvel", over "pink ballets" and "virgin hunting parties", to the Dutroux-affair. The story connects all this events - made up or real - in a plot-theory being a right-wing attempt to evoke agitation in the country and seize power. Up to that point, I have no complaints. Where things really go wrong is in how this is done. First of all, none of the "actors" seem to be bothered by any acting qualities nor decent knowledge of the English pronunciation, the story is sewed together by the one improbable event after the other, the sound track is purely imbecile ("On the road again" when they are driving a car), and there is not the least attempt to sustain any internal logic, not to mention the technical "qualities" of this creation. In other words: Ed Wood would have done better !It is clear that this is a very cheap attempt to earn some quick money on an international eager-for-sensation video-watching audience. In principle there is nothing wrong with that as long as they would keep it away from real movie houses and as long as the director and his crew would not be that conceited (or simply naive ?) to expect some applause for "daring to treat this national taboo" (his words !). Ashamed to be a Belgian !

Video Distributor : R.C.V

Year : 2000

Running time : 90 minutes

Actors : Nathalie Jane Krits, Personella Van Kastel,Saar Vandendriesche, Jaques Verbist

Director : Rob Van Eyck

Trailer Uploaded by Kloot51


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