Le Bal Masqué

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Le Bal Masqué

Story : Author: frank vandenblock from Brussels, Belgium wrote on IMDB
I never quite understood why this movie received such low marks from the majority of users. It's a beautifully filmed piece of art that poses some important questions about one of Belgium's worst nightmares : the apparently senseless murders of dozens of innocent people during the late 80's. Of course I can see why this movie would shock or even confuse people. Le Bal Masqué does not give answers (although the main 'conspiracy' theory of an involvment of the Belgian crown is suggested), it uses close-ups to emphasize that we are blind to the truth. Yes, this is not an easy movie, but if you know a little bit of the background of the story (Bende van Nijvel/Tueurs du Brabant) then you will be blown away.

Video Distributor R.C.V.

Year : 1998

Running time : 105 minutes

Actors : Pascale Bal, Peter Van Den Begin, Alexandra Vandernot, Filip Peeters, Peter Van den Eede, Raymnd Gerome

Director : Julien Vrebos


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