The Magician of Lublin

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Magician of Lublin

Story : Author: peter-1080 from United States wrote on IMDB
Arkin spares nothing of himself in what I consider one of his finest roles. The story is both incredibly painful and liberating (the Bladerunner writer must have read this story by Singer). This movie is not for the emotionally faint of heart, but it is so incredibly honest there are great rewards. For those studying translating literature to film, I would suggest this (as well as the Bill Murray version of The Razor's Edge) as worthy case studies. Also, for a period piece, The Magician of Lublin exposes an interesting time in Europe, both for the sexual mores of the time and the existent seeds of anti-Semitism that served as a precursor to the Twentieth Century.

Video Distributor : Elsevier

Year : 1984

Running time : 109 minutes

Actors : Alan Arkin, Valerie Perrine, Louise Fletcher, Maia Danziger

Director : Menahem Golan


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