Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Story : Author: max-mitchell from England wrote on IMDB
"A right-wing terrorist army Strike Force go on a murderous rampage in the quest to get their bloodthirsty hands on a defence contractor's awesome NK-2 assault weapon. A hardened Vietnam vet is hired to pursue the fanatical killers and does so with vengeance, after two loyal friends are callously slain by the Strike Force's ruthless members."Wow! What a description! This film must be a real white-knuckle ride, part A-Team, part Deathwish, part Cobra/Nico. Right? Right? Yeah, right! The NK-2 is an assault weapon. A gun. Only, this one kills 10 people at once! The film opens with the most ridiculous and gratuitous booby shot (dead woman, topless, in the background). Someone is tripped up and killed. Someone has a knife thrown into their neck. A dude is in a bar and some "terrorists" (Pat Sharpe-look alike, one of the guys from Deliverance and their friend) burst in, riddle his body with bullets and run off. Plus Strike Force has about 3 members!This film is ridiculous. But hysterically funny! The acting is terrible, the soundtrack, plot, locations, extras, outfits, everything is just so dumb! But it makes for great watching.

Video Distributor : RCA / Columbia

Year : 1991

Running time : 86 minutes

Actors : Roger Rodd, Denis Daugherty, James Sweeny, Jean Carol, George Dunn

Director : Addison Randall


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