Tour de Sex de France aka Cours du soir pour monsieur seul

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tour de Sex de France

(Cours du soir pour monsieur seul)

Story : Author: Tearless from Brussels, Belgium wrote on IMDB:
A silly warehouse manager receives an anonymous letter accusing his wife of cheating him with another man. His friend, a real playboy, advises him to see a female psychiatrist, who seems to be a real nympho. Then his friend introduces him to his cycle of girlfriends … Duval plays the role of his girlfriend Madly. Earl plays a photo model that engages in a lesbian encounter with a colleague. This is a mediocre near hardcore comedy in the french and Latin style from this period. Mediocre cinematography. Interesting because a whole bunch of adult french starlets from the early period of adult filming appear. The acting is acceptable and the storyline is more or less logic. The video box of this Holland edition states Jean-Pierre Marise as the director.

Video Distributor : Video For Pleasure

Year : 1984

Running time : 80 minutes

Actors : Monique Duval, Nathalie Zeiger,Grégory Szernoevez, Claudie Bregeon, Françoise Quentin

Director : Daniel Daërt


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