Sign 'o' the Times

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sign 'o' the Times

Story: Author: Phillip Banks from San Diego, CA wrote on IMDB
From the opening with the title song, you can feel the energy created by the cast of musicians, the star and the audience. This energy builds and flows from one exciting song to the next; even the slow ballads are so full of power that it is hard to sit still; this film is a testament to the power of Prince... it is the definitive demonstration of his awesome talent; the live versions of these songs, including a "Little Red Corvette" sing along, make the studio album sound sterile and that is something damned-near impossible to do to Prince (And only Prince could do it!) If you want to see him at his peak, this is it!! There is dancing, singing and music, music, music. The band includes some members of the Revolution and some future NPG members, but the real stand-outs are Cat, Sheila E. and Bonnie Boyer. If you have only heard the studio album, check this film good it'll make you slap yo' mama!!

Video Distributor : CNR Video

Year : 1987

Running time : 85 minutes

Actors : Prince, Sheila E, Sheena Easton, Cat

Director : Prince


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