The Little Drummer Girl

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Little Drummer Girl

Story : Charlie is an American stage actress working in England. She is neither Arab or Jewish, but is openly supportive of the Palestinian side in the Middle East conflict, although her ultimate want is for Middle East peace with an end to the current bloodshed characteristic of the conflict. However, through an elaborate set-up, the Zionist factions in the conflict recruit her to work on a campaign to uncover the person behind the name "Khalil", a Palestinian who has been orchestrating the killings, through the delivery of crude bombs, of prominent Jews. The Zionists want someone like Charlie in the role who has a real and credible non-Jewish back story, and someone who can act in the needed undercover work. Charlie agrees if only because of her growing romantic connection to one of the recruiters, Joseph, who she originally thought was a prominent Palestinian activist named Michel who happens to be Khalil's brother. She also agrees on the understanding that she would not be directly involved in the killing of anyone. As Charlie gets further into her role, she has conflicting emotions about Joseph. She also comes to the realization that both sides will do whatever they need to to achieve their end goals.

Video Distributor : Warner Home Video

Year : 1985

Running time : 125 minutes

Actors : Diane Keaton, Yorgo Voyagis, Klaus Kinski, Sami Frey, Eli Danker

Director : George Roy Hill


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